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Did you know Dwight...

...milked a cow in the A-team episode Blood Sweat and Cheers, However the cow had an infection and didn't give milk but something else.

...wished he would be Sean Connery if he had to be somebody else (that man always looks and sounds good no matter what age he is).

...thinks the producers of the A-team liked "the turbulence" of working with Peppard. "Conflict is the source of the best things you do in life," Dwight said.

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 1, Holiday in the Hills
it's really a red tank top with black lettering: WHY BE NORMAL

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 2, Deadly Maneuvers
Dark blue with white lettering: Minds Are For People Who Think. But something strange happens. Murdock has a t-shirt problem. When he is looking for Face and drives the corvette he finds a little dog that is supposed to be hit by a car. Suddenly he wears by mistake a grey t-shirt with black lettering in that scene. When he approaches the dog and picks it up he turns around and the t-shirt sudddenly changes in the correct one again, Minds Are For People Who Think.

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 4, Members Only
Light blue with dark blue lettering: Watch These Spots Further Develop on the topright (for the viewers on the left) and an arrow pointing upwards to two or three spots.

Random Collectable

TNG Sheet Newfield Publications 1997 - 2000

Autograph Card Star Trek Cinema 2000