Random bits

This page contains some random snippits from various of the fun section pages. Visit the individual pages to see everything.

Did you know Dwight...

...speaks a few words of Dutch and knows how to use them very well.

...spends each day 8 to 10 hours a day in his car mostly because of the terrible traffic jams in L.A.

...was hit in the head by a 75-pound amplifier at home. Because audio, and music is something that is a passion of Dwight he stated that it was fitting that he was hit on the head by a 75-pound amplifier. The next day he had to get back to work and fainted on the A-team set because of his 'interesting experience' with the amplifier the previous day.

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 2, Deadly Maneuvers
Dark blue with white lettering: Minds Are For People Who Think. But something strange happens. Murdock has a t-shirt problem. When he is looking for Face and drives the corvette he finds a little dog that is supposed to be hit by a car. Suddenly he wears by mistake a grey t-shirt with black lettering in that scene. When he approaches the dog and picks it up he turns around and the t-shirt sudddenly changes in the correct one again, Minds Are For People Who Think.

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 4, Waiting For Insane Wayne
Dark blue with white lettering: THIS SIDE FORWARD At the end of the episode a dark blue or black plain t- shirt.

Murdock's T-Shirt from season 1, The Out-of-Towners
Yellow with text: I Love (heart) N Y (green 3D lettering with skyline of New York in the heart).

Random Collectable

Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease